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Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) is a cost effective alternative to traditional, PBX phone systems.  Powerful and easy to use, Hosted VoIP is significantly less expensive than on premise PBX solutions and offers greater flexibility. Hosted VOIP offers a scalable, resilient, sophisticated voice solution for both small and large businesses alike.
7pds’s prices start at only £10.99 per user per month to get access to the following benefits:

  • Save money- CALLS ARE FREE BETWEEN SITES; other calls and line rentals are reduced, capital outlays are minimal and there are no maintenance and support charges
  • Save time- integrated business locations so your employees can work from the office, home or whilst travelling.  Wherever you go, the phone and all its features follow you
  • Peace of mind-  with full control; any extension can be controlled individually using our web based management tools
  • Future proofed- 7pds offers advanced features and traditional PBX functionality with full scalability to add lines and features as you go. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement, means new updates are available without expensive upgrades
  • Reliable- secure and fully resilient.  Our 24 hour, 365 days of the year support is available and our services are managed and supported by strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and includes disaster recovery
  • Plug and play solution- we provide you with all you need to get up and running, including handsets.  You can even keep your old telephone number
  • Rich functionality- such as caller groups, conferencing, auto attendant, fax to inbox, etc helping you deliver internal value to your organisation

And with a hosted solution the management and server hardware is kept off site in one of specialist facilities so you don’t have to pay large upfront costs for the infrastructure or invest in people and processes managing a phone system 24 x 7.

VoIP Integrator Service
7pds’s VoIP Integrator Service gives companies the advantages of a VoIP solution, but keeps your existing PBX and telephony equipment:

  • VoIP Integration - PBX is connected to a gateway router, gateway router converts ISDN to VoIP, traffic is routed over IP to 7pds’s VoIP platform
  • Business Continuity – Gives businesses a quick and easy Voice Continuity solution in the event of an emergency. PBX or any network failure traffic is automatically redirected. Configuration is on an extension-by-extension basis – up to 4 preconfigured destinations
  • Scalable – New sites and extensions can be brought on line via hosted VoIP. Entire solution can be easily upgraded to full Hosted VoIP in the future. All calls between VoIP sites are FREE

Whichever VoIP solution you choose, you will have one of the best VoIP telephony services delivered by a leading UK hosting provider working for you round the clock, saving you time, money and delivering real peace of mind.

For more information on 7pds’ VoIP Services call 7pds now on 0800 231 6077 or contact us online.

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