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DIGITAL IP CCTVCCTV provides instant alerts when trouble occurs, deterring crime against people, possessions and property. When crime does take place CCTV recordings give valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction.

Digital, or IP CCTV, takes this security to a new dimension.  Unlike conventional CCTV camera technology with digital recorders there is no need to search through hours of video tape.  Simply entering a date or time or clicking a mouse on a timeline will provide the data you need. 

You can set your camera (or even an area of your camera) to record only when there is activity.  This way you can easily review the events that have taken place.  And of course, as you review recordings the cameras go on filming as normal.

Key features of our solutions include:

  • No tapes required (criminals can’t escape with vital recordings)
  • Archiving can be performed off site
  • You can record, play and archive all at the same time
  • Easy alarm management
  • Low maintenance
  • Keeps recording 24x7
  • Much higher quality images
  • Playback instantly
  • The transmission and networking can be performed remotely, too
  • Speedy image search and retrieval

7pds has an impressive track record in digital IP CCTV and security solutions.

We are experts in networking and cabling so 7pds offers the total solution from installation, networking (either as part of your own or a new network), offsite storage, remote access and ongoing management and maintenance.

For more information on 7pds’ Digital CCTV Cameras call 7pds now on 0800 231 6077 or contact us online.

Network SystemsNetwork Systems
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