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Voice/Data cablingEvery organisation’s IT infrastructure depends on its data cabling.  It is the technologies’ backbone and the nuts and bolts that keep the environment together.  Poor quality data cabling means that data will be transmitted slowly, information can be corrupted and lost, or your systems may simply not work at all.

Nowadays, IT systems can transmit data at 10 Gigabits per second- an extremely high speed and, as such, require the very best in high performance cabling systems of more than 250 MHz.  Others require less demanding and simpler infrastructures.  7pds provides cabling solutions based on our customers requirements, from the most demanding to the simplest set up. 

We offer a broad range of data cabling solutions. Our copper data cabling installation portfolio includes Cat 5, 5e, and 6 cabling.  We will install data cabling solutions ranging in size from 10 to 10,000 outlets and have experience in a wide variety of different environments including SMEs, blue chip companies, public sector organisations, such as schools, colleges, universities, Local Government Organisations and the NHS.

Copper data cabling outlets can be presented in floor boxes, dado trunking, skirting trunking or surface mounted back boxes. A wide range of different faceplate styles are available to meet your functional and/or decorative requirements. Patch panels can be modular or PCB, depending on the solution specified, and is typically 24 ports in 1U, although other configurations are available.

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Network Systems
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