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The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) aims to end the inequity that many disabled people face in accessing goods and services. While the main intentions of the original 1995 act remains the same, legislation, as well as the definition of disability itself, have evolved to include more than ever in order to promote equality for more people.

7pds is an external specialist which provides cost effective and complete access auditing reports on the built environment to assist in the evaluation of the impact your building and grounds have on disabled people.

Access Audits identify areas of concern within your environment, whatever sector you work in; Public Authority, Retail, Education, Health, Tourism or any other number of service providers where access to your environment, goods or services is potentially required by people with disabilities.

On the conclusion of each site Access Audit survey, customers are presented with a complete Audit report. The report highlights any adjustments that are recommended, and prioritises them to make them easier to tackle, budget for and implement.  The

Priority ONE -
Attention that is required immediately (as of October 2004) to meet statutory obligations.

Priority TWO -
Adjustments likely to be considered reasonable to your organisation and to be incorporated in an existing maintenance plan.

Priority THREE -
Non-essential works to meet statutory obligations, although considered desirable and beneficial.

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